Plastic Chat

Something I’ve been thinking of for a while now, mainly due to lock down and the way it affected me, is how our plastic addiction and the hobby as a whole continues to help many in dealing with mental issues and stressful times.

The way we use tabletop gaming to help relive stress comes in many forms. For me it’s thinking of my 40K army list and list building. Spending time flicking through the Space Marine book, planning new ideas and possibly buying a new model (and working out how to sneak it into the house) takes my mind off any stresses hanging round. For others building models, painting or gaming is their choice of stress release.

We are all in this together

A few of us had occasional video chats during lockdown to just allow time for chats to happen that aren’t relevant to the crap that was going on around us. This is feel is vital as us gamers can sometimes be a bunch of bedroom dwellers hiding our emotions away like a pile of unpainted models. If you feel this way then I want this to change and for all gamers to have the space to be able to chat and open up.

I want to make it clear if you just want to chat, come to the club on a Thursday and chill then your more than welcome. If you want to sit and have a serious chat then come and speak to me (Ian), I’m happy to go to another room, grab a coffee and listen. If this can help then let’s do it. We are all here to create a community which hopefully will benefit everyone involved in multiple ways.

So… plastic chat anyone?

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