Club Update – October 2021

Well what an amazing couple of months it’s been. We’ve not been going for long but we’ve been surprised and amazed by the support the club members have provided. We are always excited when a new member wants to join our Facebook group or when a new person comes along on a Thursday. Thank you so much to everyone involved so far.

I thought I’d pop up a few points worth noting for you all:

First of all we have upgraded the website so that it won’t have any adverts and it now has a proper domain name. is now live which will make it easier to find online as well as to pass on to others verbally.

There has been a huge order of dice put in with the D&B logo on it. Thanks to everyone who has grabbed some of them. We will do further orders down the line so if you missed out fear not.

D&B dice

October has seen two Dungeon and Dragons campaigns kick off. Mike is running both of these with a newbie group and an advanced group playing two different campaigns. More on this as they advance through their adventures.

The beginner D&D group on their setup evening

Finally you will see Element Games banners on the website. If you intend to order from them please click through the banner. The club will get a kickback on any sales made through this link.

Click to support the club

Thank you for reading and rolling dice. We have some more great news to tell you all but you will have to wait a few more weeks…. 🤫

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