Newbie Nicole’s RPG Adventures in the Dungeons #1

So at the er grand age of 43 I took the plunge into DND, now I’m a total newbie in this, I tried Age of Sigmar, my god too much strategy for my poor brain!! Then I was introduced to Warhammer Roleplay, wow that was a moment let me just do this *chefs kiss perfection, I have so much fun playing that with my friends so when a new to Dungeons and Dragons session started up my little hand was straight up to join.

The party fights their first fight

I am so pleased I did, I’ve always loved fantasy stuff, from reading let’s be honest I started at David Eddings, I’m a devotee of Terry Pratchett and I actively encourage everyone to read Discworld and the under appreciated Hawke and Fisher series by Simon R Green, among many many others, to playing Dragon Age so much I practically know all the dialogue for all 3 games! So DnD was a natural progression.

My youngest son is very much into DnD and was the obvious person to go to to develop a character, so I went Tiefling I mean who doesn’t want to be a demon with horns and a tail!!??? Exactly! So that was sorted, (I made puppy eyes at Ian until he brought me a model).

Then session zero started which involved a lot of stats and sorting out things, like what colour hair will I have and oh yes I’m going to fire bolt the bejesus out of enemies. It was nice sorting all this out with other people who were newbies too and the group (I will chefs kiss again here) perfect!

We have another tiefling (yay sisters!!) a half elf ranger, who after the last game managed with the highest dexterity stats, to fall off a rope! A cleric who spends most of his time curing us, or toiling a bell of death on rats! They go pop! And a dragon born who makes pate out of most things! The team is great, I still have no idea which dice I’m throwing sometimes, but that’s ok. The team is set.

I will chronicle my adventures regularly as we delve deeper and deeper into the world.


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