Reduce Podgy Guts (RPG)

I recently popped up a post on the D&B Facebook group to see if anyone was interested in joining me in loosing some weight during 2022. As I type 5 others are joining myself as a group to loose some podge.

I’ve been larger for most of my life. I remember as a kid always have legs like tree trunks when compared to friends of mine. I don’t know why back then I was like that as my parents didn’t give me food treats or I don’t remember overeating.


Later life however I know I over ate. Having money at high school allowed me to enjoy chocolate too much, and moving out from my parents and buying my own food meant pizzas and beer were simple solutions.

I have been through various weight loss classes and groups and some worked. I have lost a fair bit and built up a lot of muscle during a period of time, however this was just to win a competition, which I did. It didn’t however lead to a life style change and my bad habits soon returned.

The last few years have been challenging for us all and it’s made me realise I fall back on food. Food makes me happy when times are hard or the stress creeps in. My mind has lived with this for many years and reverts to food if a day is stressful or I’m bored. The choice of food is usually high in sugar (even if I don’t realise it) and this is what I need to change.

So I have put forward for this weight loss group to kick off in 2022. The group will hopefully help support each other, give advice on what they’re doing and achieve pre set goals. I will be setting goals for those involved and if they hit those goals they can then treat themselves.

If you want to get involved I need the following by Sunday December 18th.

1) Your target weight loss total in pounds

2) Three treats which can be as cheap or as expensive as you want, but it has to be something you want such as new models or a nice tipple. These will be gained as you loose certain % of your target.

3) DRIVE… drive to help yourself and support the others. There’s going to be a group challenge as well as individual so everyone has to work together.

If your interested and want to chat speak to Ian. Thank you.

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