The Life of a Slayer

For the past, well who knows how long it’s been thanks to covid, a group of us have been playing Warhammer Fantasy RPG monthly on a Sunday evening. The game is certainly very different than D&D, living a more basic life with little to no magic and death can be moments away.

My character is a slayer, with the goal of finding a suitable death. This should be fairly easy but I’ve come accustomed to surviving and slaying, even if that means stealing the kill with the final blow.

I love playing in character and always think, what would the dwarf do in every situation. This does mean that I will start a fight when I’m reality this is the worst possible scenario, or I’ll plough in to things without really thinking. The hard part however is trying to fit with the character but not to the point it ruins other peoples game.


Recently we’ve been at a market where there was a fighting ring. The champion, named Crusher, was a tough old character but being a slayer he had to dive in and give him a fight. The match however whilst fun, ended in defeat and a badly wounded dwarf. Now obviously a slayer isn’t going to leave it at that and so over the next few sessions he planned his return. Richard the DM putting in delays so it couldn’t happen immediately.

In between this we ventured into sewers and as usual I dived right in being the first to walk over wooden planks only to find they are unstable and I fell right into the filthy sewer water below. This comedic act certainly tickled my fellow adventurers but also felt fitting for my thoughtless moves.

My dirty dwarf thanks to Nicole Bates

Last night I returned to battle with Crusher. Somehow I managed to roll low on the majority of my dice. It still took a while of rolling however with a huge final uppercut, a cross between Ken from Streetfighter and Daniel from Karate Kid (as I’d got a sprained ankle) I knocked him out winning a fair bit of gold. This was of course followed by a drinking session with Pauls naked pit fighter and a return to the sewers hungover… which this time saw the pit fighter fall in.

Crusher Goes Down by Nicole Bates

Who knows what’s next for my dwarf. I know I’ll continue to play the character as I have been. The whole group really gets into their characters which makes RPGs so much fun. Our DM does a wonderful job of bringing the NCPs to life and pushing the story on. If you haven’t tried this game it’s worth a go for sure. Now… to the bar!


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