AGM 2023

It’s that time again – the Annual General Meeting! Our second AGM will be held on Monday JUNE 5th 2023 at 20:00

All Club Members are welcome to attend, simply join this Room at the time. We’re using Facebook Group Rooms on a non-club night so not to get in the way of us playing toy soldiers. It’s our first time hosting virtually, so hopefully the technology will be kind to us! If you cannot attend, don’t worry, full minutes will be posted.

The purpose of the AGM is to discuss the current state of the club, reflect on the past year and prepare for the next one:

  1. Dice & Bolter Committee Members will give short updates on different club aspects, usually specific to their role or a subject they have been looking after.
  2. The Dice & Bolter 2023 Committee Elections. Each year, Committee roles are elected. All current Committee Members will be re-standing for positions this year, but any Club Member can also stand for any position. The current positions are: Chairman (Currently Matt B) Secretary (Currently Mike) Treasurer (Currently Ian) Membership Officer (Currently Paul) Quartermaster (Currently Matt C) Youth Officer (Currently Rich) Co-Opted Member 1 (Currently Hodgy) Co-Opted Member 2 (Currently Luke)

If you wish to stand for a specific role then you need to let me know which exact role you are wanting to stand for by email ( by Monday 22nd May. If there are multiple people standing for a role then each candidate will be invited to give a short (2 minute) speech on what they will bring to the role and all AGM attendees are invited to an open vote within the Facebook Meeting Room.

  1. AOB. A chance for any Club Member to raise a question or topic for discussion. Feel free to reach out to me beforehand any time before the meeting or just ask on the night.

Mike Williams

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