What do we wanna play?

Well this has shocked me… shocked me to the core I say. I popped up a poll to see which systems we all wanted to play and well the results are disgusting. how can Warhammer 40K not be at the top. This game is flawless and balanced and everyone should want to pay for an army to join in.

Ok let’s be serious now. It’s actually great to see D&D at the top and shows that whilst we all have our own miniature games that we enjoy, we all want to be pulled into a story based world of adventure and dice rolling. We will certainly take note of this and are happy for people to put forward to be dungeon masters.

Obviously there’s many other games on there, with Kill Team being a great looking skirmish system. Many up for Blood Bowl too. I also expect to see a fair few games of Frostgrave hitting the tables. If there’s systems here you want to try pop a shout out as we go and someone should be happy to teach you.

Join in whilst you can and have your option here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/233661955433779/permalink/235960921870549/

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