The Newcastle 40K GT

Five intrepid Dice and Bolter members had all signed up to the Newcastle GT (18th and 19th June 2022) and after months of studying the meta, tweaking army lists and ripping arms of models (thanks GW) we ready to take on the best. Two filthy meta chasers Luke and Lee with Nids and Harlequins, twoContinue reading “The Newcastle 40K GT”

Scenery Going Forward

Today (Sunday 12th June) saw some of the committee spending a chilled Sunday morning sorting through the scenery and boxes the club has a sorting it out a little. We’ve set boxes up of scenery plus tablecloths and cloth holders with the intention to make everyone’s lives a little easier on a Thursday night. ThereContinue reading “Scenery Going Forward”

An evening of new members

Last night (2/6/22) was a wondrously busy evening at the club with around 22 people playing games. Upstairs was full of 40K players battling it out as well as Malifaux & Necromunda on the side but it was downstairs in the dungeon that is where it mattered last night. Downstairs we had two RPG gamesContinue reading “An evening of new members”

It was a busy reopening

After being shut for two weeks due to the venue needing the building we reopened to a busy night. We had Warhammer 40K tournament games going on with big wins all round. We had Necromunda fighting on the table and a range of board games being played. Finally downstairs D&D stepped forth as dice wereContinue reading “It was a busy reopening”

The Warhammer 40k League

Paul has started his 40k ladder league which is to be held over the coming year with participants expected to get in one game a month. The rules for this are as follows: GW competitive rules to be used Inc paint scores No regiments of renown Ladder will be scored on cumulative points scored. YouContinue reading “The Warhammer 40k League”

It’s Like Christmas 🎄

Thanks to everyone that’s supported the club so far, we’ve managed to buy a load of scenery and gaming mats. We got our first load yesterday however there is more on the way. The night was another smashing night of gaming with most focus being 40K and Kill Team. There was however a couple ofContinue reading “It’s Like Christmas 🎄”

Crusade Campaign- The Red Scorpions (Space Marines)

The Veraxus crusade, launched centuries ago as a continuation of Guilliman’s Indomitus crusade, drew in many notable Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes, but unceasing war has taken its toll and now only a few remain, whole and complete. Most notably are the Red Scorpions. The Red Scorpions Chapter of Space Marines is known to beContinue reading “Crusade Campaign- The Red Scorpions (Space Marines)”

Crusade Campaign- The Denian Guard (Astra Milatarum)

For the Emperor! Col. Erwin scrutinised the data-slate the Inquisitors acolyte had handed him, knowing all too well it was unwise to offer any unsolicited opinion in the Inquisitors presence. Thankfully, he didn’t have to wait long, Inquisitor Julius, who’s reputation for bluntness was legendary, was clearly in no mood to stand on ceremony.“That damnedContinue reading “Crusade Campaign- The Denian Guard (Astra Milatarum)”