A Successful Test

Last night (9/9/21) we held a test night to see how the club would run with actual gamers. How the tables would work, wether the coffee would taste good and who got to choose the music for the night!

Mike opening up for the first time

We had 4 games running last night which still gave us lots of room for games to fit in. Games ran were a big bug vs robot battle of 40K, a pretty but vicious game of Badgers and Burrows, a frosty game of Frostgrave and the first tryout of the new Kill Team.

The tables looked great and the atmosphere in the hall worked well. We decided to include free tea and coffee which we will continued doing but people are welcome to bring there own drinks and food in the future as well. Overall a superb night.

Next week we are downstairs which is slightly smaller and it’s also our first committee meeting. Everyone is welcome to join in or setup a small game within the room. Entry will be round the back rather than through the main door. Roll on Thursday!

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