A Meeting of Dice

Last night we held our first committee meeting with the club members, of which there were many. The meeting, which as with all meetings had to go through the boring bits first, went really well. We had great thoughts on bringing in new fresh members, a decision on ensuring there’s tea and coffee available for all on an evening as part of the fees and the all important logo reveal.

This was followed by a few games of Kill Team, a kick off in the Blood Bowl pitch and a quick overview of the Fall Out board game. A big shout out goes to Ethan and Luke who ran a demo game of the new Kill Team for a fair few members preparing them for life on the tabletop down the line.

Next week we play in the main room from 6pm so please get games planned in advance so we know what tables to setup.

So finally a HUGE thank you for everyone that came last night or last week. The committee is so impressed by the support so far and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for the club. This is everyone’s club so if you have thoughts send them over on anything. See you next week.

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