Club Night 11th November 2021

What a busy night last night was. It was so awesome to see with Warhammer 40K taking centre stage. There were also games of Blood Bowl, Badgers and Burrows and Malifaux along side the futuristic battles. We obviously hoped we would get this busy when we started however it happened quicker than we could imagine.Continue reading “Club Night 11th November 2021”

Oh what a night!

Wow what an awesome club night only a few weeks into the new club. Great battles of Warhammer 40K & Kill Team with Necrons facing the foul Deathguard and Ultramarines facing other marines in battle. Blood Bowl was played as well as the quick fast paced Bloodbowl 7’s which looks such fun. Warhammer Underworld wasContinue reading “Oh what a night!”

A Meeting of Dice

Last night we held our first committee meeting with the club members, of which there were many. The meeting, which as with all meetings had to go through the boring bits first, went really well. We had great thoughts on bringing in new fresh members, a decision on ensuring there’s tea and coffee available forContinue reading “A Meeting of Dice”