Newbie Nicole’s RPG Adventures in the Dungeons #2- Battle of the Boiler

With brand new dice and a sort of understanding of what I need to roll, we finally entered the sunless citadel, after managing not (by sheer fluke) to step on the false bottom of the floor, was our luck in the group high? Will we breeze through fighting things blind folded, one handed and win? No….no we wouldn’t! After an extensive discussion on if we should try and long rest in this courtyard we decided no…onwards through the rotten door….here we were presented with 3 dead goblins….ok this is no biggie…they’re dead, doors all round one locked. One unlocked, we opened that then slowly closed it again….here was where we would rest! Our dragon born wasn’t that up for it wanting to bludgeon things to death! Anyway both tieflings were badly nibbled by those giant rats from before so sleep was needed! First 3 watches go fine…..then it was my watch….so of course my new dice let me down….a diseased giant rat attacks my tiefling sister…..and kills her…..again…..I’m thinking rat ptsd is a thing now!! We kill it, I stabilise our friend and we continue on….to the unlocked door which leads to a corridor….one side is a locked door….our Dragonborn decides we need to break this door down, surely there’s gold rings behind it! This starts probably one of the bloodiest, longest and most watchable fight ever….our barbarian dragon born vs wooden door……it put up one hell of a fight!!

Finally getting in we see an incredibly small room …..and a barrel with pipes coming off it!! Around the walls carvings of mermaids, sea creatures and the occasional fish!
Of course there’s a bung in the barrel
Of course we pulled it out
Of course the room filled with steam and a steam monster
Of course I ran away to another room
Though I did try and cast chill touch….it didn’t work!!
Finally….slightly steamed , even our frozen rat defrosted a little. We beat the steam elemental….we were then told this was basically the central heating system….we had beaten up a boiler…..
Slightly shrunk in the steam we headed through an open door where we come across a little kobold weeping as he had had his dragon stolen by goblins…of course we would help!! Off he trots to gain us audience with his Queen…..left alone we poke about….our ranger opens a door….on hundreds and hundreds of…..rats……of course they break out….panicking we cast sleep on them…this works but now we only have a minute before they wake up…we can’t push them back…we can’t throw them…..20 seconds pass….they are going to wake up…I jump on a table….Griss runs out of a door and closes it behind her….the other get on the dragons cage….ultimately though we split up and hide behind doors when the rats wake up they thunder down the very corridor our friendly kobold went…that’ll be ok yes??? YES?????
We go back in the room and collectively decide that we did nothing.
Little kobold comes back…where we r relieved of our weapons and blindfolded as the leader is a very private dragon thing….we get lead 50 ft to another room….a room where de hooded we see 3 hooded chained goblins……


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