Crusade Campaign- The Red Scorpions (Space Marines)

The Veraxus crusade, launched centuries ago as a continuation of Guilliman’s Indomitus crusade, drew in many notable Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes, but unceasing war has taken its toll and now only a few remain, whole and complete. Most notably are the Red Scorpions.

The Red Scorpions Chapter of Space Marines is known to be composed of conservative Imperial purists who are famed for their complete and utter devotion to the Imperial military and religious doctrine, past the point where pragmatism or even reason would seem to require otherwise. The Chapter is most renowned among other Astartes for its absolute adherence to every line of the Codex Astarte’s, which is unheard of in any other Chapter, including the Ultramarines. Its recorded history extends across five Terran millennia, but there are numerous indications that it may extend further than that.

The 1st and 3rd companies make up the majority of the Red Scorpion strike force with a powerful arsenal at their disposal. The commander of the fleet Irian Tibus, considered a zealot even by his own Orders standards, was thought dead by the Chapter after going missing during a conflict against a Genestealer incursion. Whilst he suffered grievous wounds at the hand of these mutants, slaughtering them in the hundreds, he survived beyond all hope. Found by his loyal guard, and returned back to the fleet he was only able to survive by going through the Rubicon Primaris. Now reborn Irian, stronger and more determined, has vowed that he will bring glory to the chapter and his company, slaughtering the enemies of the Imperium and the chapter. Be it the alien, heretic or the mutant all shall know no mercy and will crumble under the wrath of the Red Scorpions!

Battle Station: ‘Vigil’ [Orbital]
Sector: Segmentum Obscurus
System: Ordon Rift
Planet: ‘Zaebus Minoris’
Record: Meeting – Subject: [Redacted], Present: Captain (Irian Tibus), Lieutenant (Serro), Librarian (Danzio)

Irian Tibus slammed his fist on the desk, his rage clear for all to see.
[Tibus] – “Belisarius has gone too far this time, I do not deny his many achievements, but too long has he meddled with Xenos forces beyond our comprehension. He has become obsessed, blinded to the danger, he covets their power, but has no comprehension of how to master it, it will be his undoing, and all of us with him. This heretical quest of his for Blackstone must be stopped before we’re all damned!”
Librarian Danzio frowned,
[Danzio] – “What are you suggesting Irian?”
[Tibus] – “I am not suggesting anything Danzio. We will act, destroy this abomination before it destroys us, and we will do so by all means necessary, at all costs! Serro, what is our strength in that sector?”
[Serro] – “Sir, Auel’s Bane is already in the Sector, with the 1st and 3rd Companies, the men are ready. The Bane could make orbit in a matter of days, and we could send a smaller strike force ahead in the Arx Fidelis to secure a drop zone and scout forward.”

[Tibus] – “Good Serro; I have no doubt your men are ready, but are they prepared? We will doubtless encounter foul Xenos threats; that we can deal with, but it is no small thing to pitch battle brother against battle brother. There is no room for doubt…”
Tibus paused to allow his words to truly sink in.
“I will not deceive you; it will not be the first or last time the Red Scorpions have had to wield the blade against our brethren, but tell yourself this, our brothers may not be impure in body, but while they continue to pursue this blasphemous cause, they are impure in mind, and you know well our sacred Doctrines, the impure have no identity, they are less than nothing to us.”
It is necessary, for the greater good of the Empire, it is the Emperors will and we serve that will unflinchingly…”
[Serro] – “The men know their duty sir, it will be done, in the name of the Emperor.”
[Tibus] – “Make it so Lieutenant, dismissed.”
Serro, saluting smartly, marched from the room to make ready, but Danzio remained seated.
[Tibus] – “You doubt this course of action, you doubt the purity and justness of our cause my old friend?
[Danzio] – “No Irian, no, you are right, Belisarius must be stopped, but I fear the taint of chaos at work here, pitching brother against brother, chapter against chapter, it’s insidious designs seeking to divide, to sunder, ever weakening the Imperium, weakening us…”
[Tibus] – “I fear it too, but I fear this ancient evil more, no good can come of it. Remember, ours is not to question the will of God the Emperor, the scriptures are clear, we are not the thought, we are but his right hand, we are the blade. This blasphemy cannot be permitted, it must be destroyed! I will not stay my hand nor flinch from this!”
Danzio new his old Battle Brother all too well, while he could not stay his hand, he would do all he could to direct the blade when it struck.
[Danzio] – “Peace my friend, I will not gain-say you on this, it will be done, but Serro is young and hot headed, competent and loyal to our cause yes, but he lacks perspective. Belisarius will be stopped, but our path to redemption is not clear to me, if we are to win through we may need to find allies in strange places before this is done – think on that…”

Prepare for the new Warhammer 40k Crusade Campaign coming soon to Dice & Bolter. More stories to followthe full collection can be found under the #tag 40k Crusade Campaign.

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