Night of Blood- a Warhammer RPG Taster Session

A big thanks to Richard Preston for my first foray into Role Play Fantasy 👏

The ‘Night of Blood’ proved to be, well, bloody…

Our motley crew of travellers banded together in what could best be described as a loose coalition of necessity, and came through largely intact if not entirely unscathed.

Man of the match goes to Gunter the villager, who despite his taciturn and somewhat unforgiving nature, and propensity to wander off and do what the hell he liked, proved to be pretty useful in a tight spot…

The group are attacked whilst walking along a woodland path

In contrast the supposed warrior in our midst seemed all too willing to start fights, but utterly incapable of finishing them, although this was somewhat compensated for by the herbalist who was pretty handy with a bag of oregano and a pairing knife, and our resident rat catcher, or at least his faithful hound, who overcame more than one foe single handed (pawed)…

My alter ego Ernst Schmidt, thief, swindler and all round rogue, managed to ‘almost’ develop a conscience and, while never missing an opportunity to leg it or pilfer the odd corpse, where his own survival happily coincided with the need to help his companions, also got stuck in and acquitted himself well. I have a feeling Ersnt and the gang will surface again in a tavern near you…

By Matt Brazier

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