Weighing it all up

At the start of January 2022 7 Dice & Bolter members set out on a tough challenge to loose weight and get a in better shape. Lock down in particular had taken its toll on many of us and the ponds had piled on. Loosing weight is hard alone, but with a little support it gets that little bit easier, which is what the group Reduce Podgy Guts was all about.

We started with a total weight loss between the 7 of us as a total of 300lbs (21 stone) which is a huge number but one I knew we would eventually achieve. Each person also chose treats (plastic crack) that they could purchase for themselves when they hit 25%, 60% and their overall target. However I also included a group target with the first being 25% and with that we show off our efforts.

25% achieved

So with that I proudly type that as a group of 7 we have lost over 25% of our target or a total of 5.3 stone. All this within 7 weeks of starting. Amazing work by all 7 of us involved. The support and weight loss ideas that have been passed around has been amazing and the support on people when they loose a lot or not at all is humbling. A big well done to all of you and here’s to 50%.


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