The Warhammer 40k League

Paul has started his 40k ladder league which is to be held over the coming year with participants expected to get in one game a month. The rules for this are as follows:

  • GW competitive rules to be used Inc paint scores
  • No regiments of renown
  • Ladder will be scored on cumulative points scored.
  • You can change army/lists at any time before your game.
  • 1 game per month with results reported to myself ( this can be played at the club/home or any other suitable location) & I will post opponents/results and the ladder at the start of every month.

Results to be given to Paul in the form of private message as soon as you’ve played your game. They need to be in by the last day of the month at the latest. Failure to play your game will result in a no score for BOTH players so get those dice rolling.

The 1st round to be played during April is as follows:

Tony Newbound vs Edward Bennett

Sam Smith vs Luke Alwyne

Tom Kapel vs Lee Howard

Samuel Pett vs Paul Williamson

Ian Loxam vs Peter Dawes

Hodgy Mbob vs Ethan Friar

Good luck one and all.

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