D&B Hits 1 Year in September

It’s hard to imagine just over a year ago a few ideas and thoughts would create what has become an amazingly busy and vibrant community of gamers. With this in mind we want to celebrate the fact so September is going to be a birthday month, all leading to Thursday 29th September.

Let’s celebrate!

So what’s going on-

Raffle– we are having a free raffle! Everyone that comes to the club in September (and has been to the club during the 1st year) will get a ticket (just one no matter how many times you come so no one can win more than once). On the 29th we will do a draw.

Some of the prizes available

Best Painted Competition– yup in a good old fashioned miniature based club way we are having a best painted mini award for a single miniature in the following categories:

*** Best 40K mini

*** Best RPG mini

*** Best Skirmish/ Board Game mini

Rules are simple… you must of painted it yourself. The painting will be judged by a selection of committee members (to be decided). Just bring it along to any Thursday in September to be photographed with the results on 29th September.

Best painted prizes

Year One Video– I’ll be putting together a year one video on where we started and where we’ve got too. Hopefully ready for the 29th too.

Year Two plans– we hope to put together plans and ideas for the coming year of events and trips so people can start planning.

So some fun coming your way. If you have any other ideas then let a committee member know. Thank you to everyone that’s got us here.


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