Club Night 11th November 2021

What a busy night last night was. It was so awesome to see with Warhammer 40K taking centre stage.

There were also games of Blood Bowl, Badgers and Burrows and Malifaux along side the futuristic battles.

Busy busy busy

We obviously hoped we would get this busy when we started however it happened quicker than we could imagine. We are going to get permission to use the smaller room as and when required so we can expand when it’s busy.

The plan would be to use downstairs for the smaller systems and upstairs for the bigger games such as 40K or AOS if we needed too.

Thank you all once again for getting involved and helping us build this club. We’ve got some treats to show this expansion coming very soon to the club…. 😊

Update: we can hire downstairs as and when required which is a big win 😊

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