Crusade Campaign- The Brothers of Medusa (Iron Hands)

Iron Captain Cavious Cordanus sat watching the terminal generate a huge amount of data. His warriors, the Brothers of Medusa had been positioned in space and told to hold by the Iron Council and be ready for action when required. This had been many months ago now and he was getting twitchy doing nothing. His warriors where a strong and loyal group and used the time well to train and continue to augment themselves to be the best they can be. Flesh is weak, and they all knew it. They would not allow themselves to be overcome by emotions, they would be ready at all times to do what the Emperor required.
The screen jumped to life…

Cavious turned in his seat and looked at Ironwrought Sirus, the Techmarine to the Brothers of Medusa. Sirus was deep in thought looking at the same information.

“It’s Aajz, the traitor is alive! roared Cavious, shock and rage written in equal measure across his scarred face. Sirus frowned, “The Raven Guard, they are a strong force in mind and body, do you truly believe what was said, what was supposedly done?”
Cavious glowered, “Have you forgotten Isstvan V so quickly brother? I for one have not, were it not for their weakness then, Ferrus Manus would not be lost to us! The flesh is weak, but I say all of Corax’s get are weaker, their seed is tainted, it would have been better were they all cut down that day. Aajz brings shame upon us all, I care not what purpose he asks for aid, I will hunt him down and end him, this I swear to the Emperor.”

Sirus was troubled, his Captain was allowing emotion to overrule his judgement, that was not the Iron Hands way, but he dared not gain say Cavious in this fell mood.
“Ready the men” said Cavious, as he turned to look out of the vessels window.
Sirus stood and marched quickly out of the room towards the docking bay. “The Emperor forgive us for what we are about to do…” he whispered, as Cavious continued to stare fixedly at the message.
Sirus knew the sergeants would be training down there. As he wandered onto the galley, he looked out proudly at the Brothers training. The chapter was so strong full of Primaris marines augmented to the highest standard all ready to fight. Dreadnought Ixeosis had been with the chapter for thousands of years and had recently been upgraded to a Redemptor model chassis. His battle urge and drive was intense yet his mind was still so strong. He stayed awake at all times and was never put in hibernation. His skills were too strong and tactical nuance too useful to not have him around.
Sirus bellowed out across the vast hall. “Brothers we have been called upon. A fellow Space Marine unit has gone rogue and we must stop them and destroy them, they bring shame upon our orders. Are we all ready?” A huge roar greeted him and the Brothers immediately stepped into action preparing their weapons. A buzz filled the star ship as a rumble took over every wall. Within minutes they were in hyperspace making their way to where they believed the traitors were…

Prepare for the new Warhammer 40k Crusade Campaign coming soon to Dice & Bolter. More stories to followthe full collection can be found under the #tag 40k Crusade Campaign.

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