Crusade Campaign- The Red Scorpions (Space Marines)

The Veraxus crusade, launched centuries ago as a continuation of Guilliman’s Indomitus crusade, drew in many notable Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes, but unceasing war has taken its toll and now only a few remain, whole and complete. Most notably are the Red Scorpions. The Red Scorpions Chapter of Space Marines is known to beContinue reading “Crusade Campaign- The Red Scorpions (Space Marines)”

Crusade Campaign- The Denian Guard (Astra Milatarum)

For the Emperor! Col. Erwin scrutinised the data-slate the Inquisitors acolyte had handed him, knowing all too well it was unwise to offer any unsolicited opinion in the Inquisitors presence. Thankfully, he didn’t have to wait long, Inquisitor Julius, who’s reputation for bluntness was legendary, was clearly in no mood to stand on ceremony.“That damnedContinue reading “Crusade Campaign- The Denian Guard (Astra Milatarum)”

Crusade Campaign- The Brothers of Medusa (Iron Hands)

Iron Captain Cavious Cordanus sat watching the terminal generate a huge amount of data. His warriors, the Brothers of Medusa had been positioned in space and told to hold by the Iron Council and be ready for action when required. This had been many months ago now and he was getting twitchy doing nothing. HisContinue reading “Crusade Campaign- The Brothers of Medusa (Iron Hands)”

Crusade Campaign- The Thokt Dynasty (Necrons)

TRANSFERENCERamtut looked down at his hands, the grey skin scarred, withered, and cracked, joints stiff and painful; hands ravaged by time, hands pitted by radiation, but his hands nonetheless, hands that could touch, feel, hurt; hands that told a story, his story…. Soon all that would be gone, his corporeal form lost to all butContinue reading “Crusade Campaign- The Thokt Dynasty (Necrons)”

Crusade Campaign- The Storm Crows (Raven Guard)

THE FALLENIn the fateful battle for Talusa IV, the Ghoststalkers, the Raven Guard’s 3rd Company were almost broken by the Daemon Prince Kernax Voldorius and his forces of chaos. Few survived, and even fewer returned to tell a tale of horror and despair. Amongst them was the Ghoststalkers Shadow Captain, Vordin Krayn. Either from fearContinue reading “Crusade Campaign- The Storm Crows (Raven Guard)”

Crusade Campaign Blackstone #2

CHAPTER 1: The Left Hand of Darkness Planet: ‘Veridian VII’Sector: Segmentum ObscurusDate: Gruss stared pensively up at the sparse white clouds scudding across the azure blue sky, carried on the swift sub-tropical winds from the planet’s equator far from where he now stood.The first alert had sounded early yesterday. Of course, he couldn’t seeContinue reading “Crusade Campaign Blackstone #2”

Crusade Campaign Blackstone #1

AN ECHO OF WHAT WAS LOST Explorator Flagship: ‘Quest for Knowledge’Sector: Segmentum PacificusSystem: Terra PrimeDate: Meeting – Subject: [Redacted], Present: Arch Magus (Belisarius Cawl), Logis (Paladius), Explorator (Gruss) [Cawl] – “I trust you both understand why I have called you here and what is at stake?”The Arch Magus pressed on before either of hisContinue reading “Crusade Campaign Blackstone #1”