An evening of new members

Last night (2/6/22) was a wondrously busy evening at the club with around 22 people playing games. Upstairs was full of 40K players battling it out as well as Malifaux & Necromunda on the side but it was downstairs in the dungeon that is where it mattered last night.

Upstairs gamers rolled their dice

Downstairs we had two RPG games going on. One was Mikes newbie D&D group who run once a month playing The Sunless Citadel. Goblins were slain and critical hits were rolled. Mike always runs great games and the whole group get fully into role playing.

It was the 2nd group however which must take note. Since the start we’ve wanted to bring in some younger members to the club. These chaps are under Richards supervision initially and are learning and enjoying running their own D&D campaign.

We welcome James, Jordan, Charlie, Tom and Danny to the club who will be playing once a month initially. I also want to give a big thank you to Richard as well for setting this up for the lads ensuring we are legally covered in all aspects.

It’s so important to bring in new young blood, show them the fun that rolling dice brings and as they progress we can bring in new kids to the fold to enjoy rolling dice in which ever game they initially choose to learn.

We hope they all enjoyed the evening and look forward to the future of Dice and Bolter.

AGM info will follow on soon.

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