Scenery Going Forward

Today (Sunday 12th June) saw some of the committee spending a chilled Sunday morning sorting through the scenery and boxes the club has a sorting it out a little. We’ve set boxes up of scenery plus tablecloths and cloth holders with the intention to make everyone’s lives a little easier on a Thursday night.

There are now 5 boxes setup for table top games, plus an RPG box as well. There is enough scenery in each box for a big 6×4 40k game or two smaller Necromunda/ Kill Team games. When it comes to you setting up a table just pop down stairs, pick a box and away you go. Then at the end of the night put it all away and pop the box back downstairs.

This stops it being left to a couple of people at the end of the night to have to put everything away and also keeps the club a little more organised. We will still be purchasing terrain where needed. A big thank you to those who have kindly lent us terrain ad of course when you require this back we will rejog the boxes and order more as required. Just shout.

Please note: There is to be no swapping of terrain between boxes.

The Tables:

Warzone The Wastelands
Warzone Ruined City
Warzone Sandstorm: Priority to fantasy based games with this box
Warzone Firestorm
Warzone Mechanical

A big thank you to Paul, Dave and Mike for helping me go through these today. We hope to get some taller buildings down the line and have a 2nd set of the latest Kill Team scenery to come once built. We have some terrain that needs painting so if anyone feels like assisting with this please shout (we can cover some paint costs).


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