Dice & Bolter 1st Year Celebration Evening

Thursday September 29th saw the first birthday celebrations of our beloved Dice and Bolter tabletop gaming club. It doesn’t feel that long ago since we set the club up but here we are and what a fun evening it was. We had cake, a raffle and a best painted competition.

After a great speech from our chairman Matt, we jumped straight into our best painting competition. This was voted for by Mike, Grace, Ian and Will from Kendals Games Workshop.

The winners were:

Cake was cut and the raffle took place. This was a free raffle for every person who had been to the club in September. Impressively this was 44 tickets which is a great number of individual visitors to the club over September. The prizes were mixed with the star prize being a jar of beef paste!

Raffle prizes

Finally we treated the committee members to a pair of dice thanking them for all their support during the first year of the club.

Committee members year one dice

The evening itself was full and bustling with Warhammer 40K, Horus Heresy, board games. Two RPG games and a huge 8 player fight to the death Necromunda game.

The Necromunda game was a few months in the making with 8 players fighting it out to the death in an arena setup by Ben and Matt. This was awesome to see and great fun to play in. Campaigns are so much fun and we hope to have more happening next year.

The fighters line up

So a great night was had. We now move onto year two and really want to move forward and give more opportunities for people to roll dice. We thank everyone who has been to the club in our first year and helped us grow. Thank you.

Posted by Ian

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