D&B Represents Underworld

On Sunday 22nd January Rhys Findlay-Robinson and Will Thwaites represented Dice & Bolter a “Element Legends: Warhammer Underworlds”, a 31-person Underworlds tournament hosted by Element Games in Stockport. We got to meet some lovely, very talented players who used a large variety of warbands, many of which were painted to an exceptional quality.

A massive thank you to Jamie Eden for organising the tournament, Element Games for hosting, Rhys’ brother Dan for top banter and all our opponents for excellent games.

The tournament really stoked our passion for Underworlds and especially the Nemesis format, which is a fantastic way for players to add the creativity of deckbuilding to the game in a wallet-friendly way. However, the beginner friendly Rivals format is still a very fun way to learn the rules and flow of the game, while giving players a highly thematic experience unique to each warband.

Have a go…

We would love to teach anyone who is interested in giving it a go! Dice & Bolter has 2 copies of the Starter Set, so there is no financial commitment for anyone who is interested. Just give us a shout and we’ll show you how to play, using the noble Storm of Celestus and spectral Drepur’s Wraithcreepers warbands.

Here were our results for anyone who is interested:

Rhys (playing The Starblood Stalkers with Daring Delvers):

Starblood Stalkers

Game 1:
Win 16-12 vs. Gorechosen of Dromm (don’t worry Paul, we found out they are actually really good!)
Game 2:
Loss 24-8 vs. Hedkrakka’s Madmob, a surprisingly powerful warband
Game 3:
Loss 10-7 vs. Grinkrak’s Looncourt, a close battle against the newest warband.
Game 4:
Win 17-11 vs. The Starblood Stalkers (Mirror Match!)
Game 5:
Loss 15-8 vs. Hexbaine’s Hunters, a great bloodbath to end the day

Overall rank: 24th

Will (playing Hrothgorn’s Mantrappers with Tooth and Claw):

Hrothgorns Mantrappers

Game 1:
Win 16-7 vs. Grinkrak’s Looncourt, lots of fun smashing some Gitz!
Game 2:
Win 12-3 vs. Drepur’s Wraithcreepers, who are the ghosts in the starter set. This opponent ended up getting 3rd place overall, losing only to Will, so anyone who may be worried that the starter set is just “entry level” shouldn’t be!
Game 3:
Loss 18-3 vs. Hedkrakka’s Madmob, the same player who beat Rhys. He was incredibly good.
Game 4:
Loss 13-7 vs. Gnarlspirit Pack, arguably the best warband in the game right now. All the cards needed to build a top tier Nemesis deck can be found in the Gnarlwood starter set.
Game 5:
Win 15-8 vs. Hexbaine’s Hunters, easily the tensest but most exhilarating game all day.

Overall rank: 10th

All told, it was a really great day. Apologies for the lack of photos, we were really invested in the games! Again, please feel free to ask either of us for a tutorial.

Will Thwaites

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