Underworlds Club Tournament …. The first!

On Thursday 4th May 2023 the club held its first Underworld’s tournament which is part of an overall league which will run through 2023. 8 brave competitors took part to battle for victory.

Round 1

Hannah’s Elves took a dislike to Daves beefy orks and proceeded the dance around them and slay them one by one keeping out of range and whipping them silly. The orks did manage to kill the leader of those pesky elves which is enough for Gork and or Mork. James Sons of Velmorn started the game rolling double crits however this luck did not follow him as Rhys Lizards sneaked their way to victory. Rochards Hexbaines Hunters saw off Sams Rippas killing all of the goblins however the goblins had done enough to pull out a win. Finally Daniels Gorechosen pounded the roots of the wrold in a big effort to kill that huge Mantrapper Ogre but they were slain in the process with Will pulling out a win right at the end.

Round 2

The beefy orks of Daves decided they were so annoyed at being beaten by those peky elves that they went on a rampage destroying the Sons of Velmorn and sending them back to their graves. The skeletons even tried match the orks brawn… and failed, The wolf riding Rippas overran the Ogre and his boys leaving a puddle of death behind. The Elves learnt a lesson in sneaking as the lizards took them out for the win whilst the Gorechosen pounded the human Hexbaine Hunters however they had enough left in the tank to pull a win right at the end of the game.

Round 3

The Sons of Velmorn continued their streak of losses as the ogre chewed on their bones. The elves died to the wicked Gorechosen and the Orks struggled against the hummies of the hunters..

The main battle however was between the lizards (Will) and those speedy wolf riding goblins (Sam). It seemed early on that the goblins were chomping their way to victory scoring fairly early and controlling the board but this was not to hold with the lizards fighting back to pull out a 13 to 10 glory point win. Rhys is our first tournament winner.

The results

What a great evening it was. As an organiser I had a little issue using the Best Coast Pairings software which meant that some games didn’t score properly however it game the over winner correctly and I now know for next time how to ensure this runs perfectly. The competitors all played in the correct sprit of playing for fun. Rhys will be getting a little well done prize soon.

Next month we step it up a little and move onto a bit of deck building with the Nemesis system where you can mix two rival decks. Until then… may the Crits be with you.


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