Why you should try Warhammer Underworlds?

We are having a starter session for Warhammer Underworlds for those who are tempted and may of never tried or just want a refresher this Thursday, February 9th at the club. So what is it? … put simply a tactical board game with miniatures that plays like a cross over of Warhammer and Magic theContinue reading “Why you should try Warhammer Underworlds?”

D&B Represents Underworld

On Sunday 22nd January Rhys Findlay-Robinson and Will Thwaites represented Dice & Bolter a “Element Legends: Warhammer Underworlds”, a 31-person Underworlds tournament hosted by Element Games in Stockport. We got to meet some lovely, very talented players who used a large variety of warbands, many of which were painted to an exceptional quality. A massiveContinue reading “D&B Represents Underworld”

Oh what a night!

Wow what an awesome club night only a few weeks into the new club. Great battles of Warhammer 40K & Kill Team with Necrons facing the foul Deathguard and Ultramarines facing other marines in battle. Blood Bowl was played as well as the quick fast paced Bloodbowl 7’s which looks such fun. Warhammer Underworld wasContinue reading “Oh what a night!”