D&B Represents Underworld

On Sunday 22nd January Rhys Findlay-Robinson and Will Thwaites represented Dice & Bolter a “Element Legends: Warhammer Underworlds”, a 31-person Underworlds tournament hosted by Element Games in Stockport. We got to meet some lovely, very talented players who used a large variety of warbands, many of which were painted to an exceptional quality. A massiveContinue reading “D&B Represents Underworld”

The Newcastle 40K GT

Five intrepid Dice and Bolter members had all signed up to the Newcastle GT (18th and 19th June 2022) and after months of studying the meta, tweaking army lists and ripping arms of models (thanks GW) we ready to take on the best. Two filthy meta chasers Luke and Lee with Nids and Harlequins, twoContinue reading “The Newcastle 40K GT”