Oh what a night!

Wow what an awesome club night only a few weeks into the new club. Great battles of Warhammer 40K & Kill Team with Necrons facing the foul Deathguard and Ultramarines facing other marines in battle. Blood Bowl was played as well as the quick fast paced Bloodbowl 7’s which looks such fun.

Warhammer Underworld was shown off for the first time at the club with orcs, ogres and slannesh fighting for the treasure. Finally a fresh new warband took to the streets in Dungeons & Dragons to setup their characters and prepare for a long adventure with Mike at the helm as the dungeon master.

From the outset of this club we wanted it to be inclusive and welcome to all gamers whatever they wanted to play. Tonight showed how many gamers are in the area and want to find friendly opponents to play against.

Here’s to more great nights of dice rolling.

Nicole’s D&D character. A Tiefling… with a pet rock 😳

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