The Warhammer 40k League

Paul has started his 40k ladder league which is to be held over the coming year with participants expected to get in one game a month. The rules for this are as follows:

  • GW competitive rules to be used Inc paint scores
  • No regiments of renown
  • Ladder will be scored on cumulative points scored.
  • You can change army/lists at any time before your game.
  • 1 game per month with results reported to myself ( this can be played at the club/home or any other suitable location) & I will post opponents/results and the ladder at the start of every month.

Results to be given to Paul in the form of private message as soon as you’ve played your game. They need to be in by the last day of the month at the latest. Failure to play your game will result in a no score for BOTH players so get those dice rolling.

The 1st round to be played during April is as follows:

Tony Newbound vs Edward Bennett

Sam Smith vs Luke Alwyne

Tom Kapel vs Lee Howard

Samuel Pett vs Paul Williamson

Ian Loxam vs Peter Dawes

Hodgy Mbob vs Ethan Friar

Good luck one and all.

Weighing it all up

At the start of January 2022 7 Dice & Bolter members set out on a tough challenge to loose weight and get a in better shape. Lock down in particular had taken its toll on many of us and the ponds had piled on. Loosing weight is hard alone, but with a little support it gets that little bit easier, which is what the group Reduce Podgy Guts was all about.

We started with a total weight loss between the 7 of us as a total of 300lbs (21 stone) which is a huge number but one I knew we would eventually achieve. Each person also chose treats (plastic crack) that they could purchase for themselves when they hit 25%, 60% and their overall target. However I also included a group target with the first being 25% and with that we show off our efforts.

25% achieved

So with that I proudly type that as a group of 7 we have lost over 25% of our target or a total of 5.3 stone. All this within 7 weeks of starting. Amazing work by all 7 of us involved. The support and weight loss ideas that have been passed around has been amazing and the support on people when they loose a lot or not at all is humbling. A big well done to all of you and here’s to 50%.


Night of Blood- a Warhammer RPG Taster Session

A big thanks to Richard Preston for my first foray into Role Play Fantasy 👏

The ‘Night of Blood’ proved to be, well, bloody…

Our motley crew of travellers banded together in what could best be described as a loose coalition of necessity, and came through largely intact if not entirely unscathed.

Man of the match goes to Gunter the villager, who despite his taciturn and somewhat unforgiving nature, and propensity to wander off and do what the hell he liked, proved to be pretty useful in a tight spot…

The group are attacked whilst walking along a woodland path

In contrast the supposed warrior in our midst seemed all too willing to start fights, but utterly incapable of finishing them, although this was somewhat compensated for by the herbalist who was pretty handy with a bag of oregano and a pairing knife, and our resident rat catcher, or at least his faithful hound, who overcame more than one foe single handed (pawed)…

My alter ego Ernst Schmidt, thief, swindler and all round rogue, managed to ‘almost’ develop a conscience and, while never missing an opportunity to leg it or pilfer the odd corpse, where his own survival happily coincided with the need to help his companions, also got stuck in and acquitted himself well. I have a feeling Ersnt and the gang will surface again in a tavern near you…

By Matt Brazier

Covid Update 17/12/2021

Following notification today that a member of the club who attended last nights session has tested positive for Covid, the Committee advises that all members who attended last nights session should follow the latest Government guidance (link below), carry out Lateral Flow Tests for the next 7 days, and take appropriate action if anyone tests positive.

In light of this issue, the Committee has also decided to cancel next Thursdays meeting (23rd December).

While a tough decision, we think it is the right decision, to protect our members from any further risk of infection and the need to self-isolate over the Christmas break, when we will all want to spend time with friends and family.

We will however be back in action from 30th December. When we do return, can all our members make themselves aware of and adhere to the latest Government Guidance, and safety measures.

In addition to the Government measures, we ask all members to take the following ‘additional steps’ to safeguard the club and it’s members:

If you have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid, we would ask that you have negative lateral flow tests or PCR tests for ‘a minimum’ of 7 days and do not attend the club for 10 days. In this way we can further ensure that we minimise the risk from Covid, which will allow the club can continue to run for everyone and protect our families, friends and work colleagues.

The Committee will continue to review the situation and latest guidance and keep members updated. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

The Life of a Slayer

For the past, well who knows how long it’s been thanks to covid, a group of us have been playing Warhammer Fantasy RPG monthly on a Sunday evening. The game is certainly very different than D&D, living a more basic life with little to no magic and death can be moments away.

My character is a slayer, with the goal of finding a suitable death. This should be fairly easy but I’ve come accustomed to surviving and slaying, even if that means stealing the kill with the final blow.

I love playing in character and always think, what would the dwarf do in every situation. This does mean that I will start a fight when I’m reality this is the worst possible scenario, or I’ll plough in to things without really thinking. The hard part however is trying to fit with the character but not to the point it ruins other peoples game.


Recently we’ve been at a market where there was a fighting ring. The champion, named Crusher, was a tough old character but being a slayer he had to dive in and give him a fight. The match however whilst fun, ended in defeat and a badly wounded dwarf. Now obviously a slayer isn’t going to leave it at that and so over the next few sessions he planned his return. Richard the DM putting in delays so it couldn’t happen immediately.

In between this we ventured into sewers and as usual I dived right in being the first to walk over wooden planks only to find they are unstable and I fell right into the filthy sewer water below. This comedic act certainly tickled my fellow adventurers but also felt fitting for my thoughtless moves.

My dirty dwarf thanks to Nicole Bates

Last night I returned to battle with Crusher. Somehow I managed to roll low on the majority of my dice. It still took a while of rolling however with a huge final uppercut, a cross between Ken from Streetfighter and Daniel from Karate Kid (as I’d got a sprained ankle) I knocked him out winning a fair bit of gold. This was of course followed by a drinking session with Pauls naked pit fighter and a return to the sewers hungover… which this time saw the pit fighter fall in.

Crusher Goes Down by Nicole Bates

Who knows what’s next for my dwarf. I know I’ll continue to play the character as I have been. The whole group really gets into their characters which makes RPGs so much fun. Our DM does a wonderful job of bringing the NCPs to life and pushing the story on. If you haven’t tried this game it’s worth a go for sure. Now… to the bar!


Covid Club Update December 2021

We have been keeping track of the latest Government Covid rules and as of next Thursday, until further notice we will all need to wear face coverings whilst at the Levens Hall Venue (further info via the Gov link).

It also means that we will delay our Christmas Party so please don’t bring food as planned this Thursday (16/12/21). We do however have a little gift for all active members.

On the upside this will provide a fantastic opportunity for members to try and source novel, Warhammmer related face coverings

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please let a committee member know.

It’s Like Christmas 🎄

Thanks to everyone that’s supported the club so far, we’ve managed to buy a load of scenery and gaming mats. We got our first load yesterday however there is more on the way.

Video filmed on 9/12/21

The night was another smashing night of gaming with most focus being 40K and Kill Team. There was however a couple of games of Malifaux which seems to be sneaking it’s way onto the tables.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported us so far, and here’s to more fun & games.

Reduce Podgy Guts (RPG)

I recently popped up a post on the D&B Facebook group to see if anyone was interested in joining me in loosing some weight during 2022. As I type 5 others are joining myself as a group to loose some podge.

I’ve been larger for most of my life. I remember as a kid always have legs like tree trunks when compared to friends of mine. I don’t know why back then I was like that as my parents didn’t give me food treats or I don’t remember overeating.


Later life however I know I over ate. Having money at high school allowed me to enjoy chocolate too much, and moving out from my parents and buying my own food meant pizzas and beer were simple solutions.

I have been through various weight loss classes and groups and some worked. I have lost a fair bit and built up a lot of muscle during a period of time, however this was just to win a competition, which I did. It didn’t however lead to a life style change and my bad habits soon returned.

The last few years have been challenging for us all and it’s made me realise I fall back on food. Food makes me happy when times are hard or the stress creeps in. My mind has lived with this for many years and reverts to food if a day is stressful or I’m bored. The choice of food is usually high in sugar (even if I don’t realise it) and this is what I need to change.

So I have put forward for this weight loss group to kick off in 2022. The group will hopefully help support each other, give advice on what they’re doing and achieve pre set goals. I will be setting goals for those involved and if they hit those goals they can then treat themselves.

If you want to get involved I need the following by Sunday December 18th.

1) Your target weight loss total in pounds

2) Three treats which can be as cheap or as expensive as you want, but it has to be something you want such as new models or a nice tipple. These will be gained as you loose certain % of your target.

3) DRIVE… drive to help yourself and support the others. There’s going to be a group challenge as well as individual so everyone has to work together.

If your interested and want to chat speak to Ian. Thank you.