Newbie Nicole’s RPG Adventures in the Dungeons #1

So at the er grand age of 43 I took the plunge into DND, now I’m a total newbie in this, I tried Age of Sigmar, my god too much strategy for my poor brain!! Then I was introduced to Warhammer Roleplay, wow that was a moment let me just do this *chefs kiss perfection, I have so much fun playing that with my friends so when a new to Dungeons and Dragons session started up my little hand was straight up to join.

The party fights their first fight

I am so pleased I did, I’ve always loved fantasy stuff, from reading let’s be honest I started at David Eddings, I’m a devotee of Terry Pratchett and I actively encourage everyone to read Discworld and the under appreciated Hawke and Fisher series by Simon R Green, among many many others, to playing Dragon Age so much I practically know all the dialogue for all 3 games! So DnD was a natural progression.

My youngest son is very much into DnD and was the obvious person to go to to develop a character, so I went Tiefling I mean who doesn’t want to be a demon with horns and a tail!!??? Exactly! So that was sorted, (I made puppy eyes at Ian until he brought me a model).

Then session zero started which involved a lot of stats and sorting out things, like what colour hair will I have and oh yes I’m going to fire bolt the bejesus out of enemies. It was nice sorting all this out with other people who were newbies too and the group (I will chefs kiss again here) perfect!

We have another tiefling (yay sisters!!) a half elf ranger, who after the last game managed with the highest dexterity stats, to fall off a rope! A cleric who spends most of his time curing us, or toiling a bell of death on rats! They go pop! And a dragon born who makes pate out of most things! The team is great, I still have no idea which dice I’m throwing sometimes, but that’s ok. The team is set.

I will chronicle my adventures regularly as we delve deeper and deeper into the world.


The Ninth World

They say there have been eight worlds before ours. Eight times the people of this Earth, over vast millennia, built their civilizations, reaching heights we cannot even fully imagine now. They spoke to the stars, reshaped the creatures of the world, and mastered form and essence. They built cities and machines that have since crumbled to dust, leaving only their barest remnants.

This is the Ninth World. The people of the prior worlds are gone—scattered, disappeared, or transcended. But their works remain, in the places and devices that still contain some germ of their original function. The ignorant call these magic, but the wise know that these are our legacy. They are our future. They are the Numenera.

The people of the Ninth World suffer through a dark age, an era of isolation and struggle in the shadow of the ancient wonders crafted by civilizations millennia gone. But discovery awaits for those brave enough to seek out the works of the prior worlds. Those who can uncover and master the numenera can unlock the powers and abilities of the ancients, and perhaps bring new light to a struggling world.

Coming in 2022 to Dice & Bolter.

Club Update – October 2021

Well what an amazing couple of months it’s been. We’ve not been going for long but we’ve been surprised and amazed by the support the club members have provided. We are always excited when a new member wants to join our Facebook group or when a new person comes along on a Thursday. Thank you so much to everyone involved so far.

I thought I’d pop up a few points worth noting for you all:

First of all we have upgraded the website so that it won’t have any adverts and it now has a proper domain name. is now live which will make it easier to find online as well as to pass on to others verbally.

There has been a huge order of dice put in with the D&B logo on it. Thanks to everyone who has grabbed some of them. We will do further orders down the line so if you missed out fear not.

D&B dice

October has seen two Dungeon and Dragons campaigns kick off. Mike is running both of these with a newbie group and an advanced group playing two different campaigns. More on this as they advance through their adventures.

The beginner D&D group on their setup evening

Finally you will see Element Games banners on the website. If you intend to order from them please click through the banner. The club will get a kickback on any sales made through this link.

Click to support the club

Thank you for reading and rolling dice. We have some more great news to tell you all but you will have to wait a few more weeks…. 🤫

Kill Team 2021

Kill Team has had an interesting ride over the life of 40K with a few editions, the 1st edition as we know it being released in 2018and a version also being released in the 2016 as a board game. The 2018 version pulled many in with a superb starter set pitting Genestealer Cults against Adeptus Mechanicus along with some awesome terrain.

Kill Team 2018

The game was fun if not a bit simple with wound rules that were quite annoying meaning actually killing an operative came down to what felt like luck more than tactics (even though realistically that’s what most of these games come down to when they relay on dice). It also become bloated with expansions that added elite warriors and commanders, changing the game size and making it so that everyone had to buy the updates to join in. Eventually after a trying to make it competitive and adding extra sets it faded.

Then the new Kill Team was announced. ‘I would not get into this’ I said to myself knowing all too well that if they boxed up some funky terrain at a reasonable price I’d jump in feet first. Then they threw the line in and I gobbled it up quickly as they showed the new Ork Kommando models. My god they are some stunning pieces of 40K plastic.

The boyz are back in town!

So along came the box (ok boxes) as I so wanted the amazing terrain and a set of orks and I was not disappointed with the package as a whole. I now happily have enough terrain between 3 Kill Team sets to set out a full size 40K table and all the rules and counters I need to enjoy the new Kill Team. So I dived into the rules and…. What?

Yeah when you fists read the rules, which are so different from 40K, it kind of sends your brain into a mess. So alternating goes.. fine nice and easy. Models have so many activations…. Yup sorted. Models can’t be hit when stood a triangle away from terrain. A triangle? Yeah so we’ve all got over this now but it was odd, and still is in some ways but it works. It just takes a little time to get used to not using inches.

Squares and circles?

I’ve only played a few games of Kill Team so far but I can say it feels very refreshing. You can feel like your owning the game only to be beaten flat out as you charge your leader into combat with a power klaw. You really have to think so you want your models hidden (I won’t go into all the rules but you can hide or have your models stand ready) so they can’t be shot or do you want them shooting or charging but left in threat? Do you want to charge or focus on grabbing an objective? It’s all very tactical and a lot of fun and a huge improvement over its predecessor.

If anyone fancies a game then there will be someone who can teach you the rules. Any 40K army has a list for it, with each army getting their own specific kill teams slowly but surely. Who’s up for it?

A Welcome To Our New Youth Officer

As a committee we always wanted someone to focus on the youth side of the club and with us being given money to focus on bringing in a youth contingent we have decided to bring in Richard Preston as the clubs youth officer. Richard has spent his career working in schools with children and is looking forward to getting stuck into the role.

A game of Frostgrave for Richard

He will take the £160 award and use it to get prepared for a small group of teenagers to start after Christmas, also looking at the legal requirements as well. Initially this will be playing D&D but they may move onto other games as they see them playing. The idea is to teach them to run their own games and become valued members of the club.

We all feel that it’s important to help bring new people into our tabletop hobby and look forward to what the new young members bring to the club.

Dice & Bolter Awarded Community Fund

The club has been awarded £150 from Furness Building Society to support the club in youth participation. This will allow us to run DBS checks & get setup so that we can safely have teenagers come along and join in which is superb news to grow the club and bring new people into our amazing hobbies.

From the start of the club we wanted everyone to be able to participate. We have a core group of teenagers already lined up from both the Kendal schools, Queen Katherine and Kirbie Kendal and look forward to getting them involved initially running their own games of Dungeons and Dragons.

I think we can all say that the tabletop hobby brings so much to all of us and to be able to pass this down can only be beneficial for those involved and for future generations.

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival

This weekend in sunny Kendal is the annual Lakes International Comic Art Festival. This superb event is one of a kind in the UK with the festival taking over Kendal as a town rather than just one venue. You will find events in the Brewery Arts Centre, the Clock Tower and Shakespeare Centre.

2021 Festival Artwork by Dave McKean

It’s amazing how many big name comic creators will be there, and have been into our small town. This year is no exception with the full list of guests being found here. The full festival guide can be viewed here.

Clock Tower stalls

The event is ticketed for the talks, live drawings and other events however the Clock Tower is free to go in where you will find some amazing creators selling their wares as well as huge names of the comic world signing for everyone. You will also see art adorned around the town in shop windows which always looks amazing. Our very own Nicole has a display up this year too.

Of course there’s a reason other than supporting events in Kendal that I pop this up. Nikki, Mike and myself along with our logo creator Pete Taylor do the podcast for the event which we releases regularly. Have a gander if you enjoy comics. We have even had Wargamer based guests on including Games Workshop creator Ian Livingstone and novelist extraordinaire Dan Abnett.

Podcast logo

If your free this coming weekend go and check it out, it’s great fun and worth supporting.

Oh what a night!

Wow what an awesome club night only a few weeks into the new club. Great battles of Warhammer 40K & Kill Team with Necrons facing the foul Deathguard and Ultramarines facing other marines in battle. Blood Bowl was played as well as the quick fast paced Bloodbowl 7’s which looks such fun.

Warhammer Underworld was shown off for the first time at the club with orcs, ogres and slannesh fighting for the treasure. Finally a fresh new warband took to the streets in Dungeons & Dragons to setup their characters and prepare for a long adventure with Mike at the helm as the dungeon master.

From the outset of this club we wanted it to be inclusive and welcome to all gamers whatever they wanted to play. Tonight showed how many gamers are in the area and want to find friendly opponents to play against.

Here’s to more great nights of dice rolling.

Nicole’s D&D character. A Tiefling… with a pet rock 😳

Game Focus- Frostgrave

Im going to do the odd game focus so if you’ve not played the game and fancy it, this article will give you a brief overview of the game. First off is Frostgrave which I happened to play after a long break on a recent club night. Frostgrave is a small skirmish based game set within the ancient city of Felstad. Your war-band consists of a wizard, an apprentice and a group of misfits following them such as thieves, knights or war hounds. The goal is to search the land and find the most treasure.

The orcs face off against a squid faced wizard

Frostgrave is now in its 2nd edition which hasn’t changed too much since it launched rules wise. The new edition has reduced the power of the over powered spells and got rid of the useless ones. You build you warband centred around a wiazard who chooses his powers from one of 10 schools of magic. His apprentice also gets the same spells but, being a newbie, finds it slightly harder to cast. Casting, as well as fighting and shooting, is all done via a D20 and is usually down to a single roll off adding modifiers depending on the armour, skills etc to see who wins.

The orcs prepare for their final strike

What I enjoyed about my game was that there was a fair bit of randomness in regards to collecting the treasure. The game was in the balance until the end however no matter how much skill you had the game always came down to a dice roll. Personally some find this slightly frustrating as any skill you have can be taken away in an instance but I enjoy it, as you can’t take it seriously. Also the goal of collecting treasure means kills mean nothing other than making it easier for yourself.

Spells are quite hard to cast and some can be seriously damaging but others such as the ability to create a magic wall or make one of your warband fly make for some really fun times. The best bit about the game however is the fact you can create your warband with whatever minis you choose. Mike, whom I played with and is fully setup for this game, uses a collection of minis he has for D&D which are ideal. I am using some old orcs from Warhammer Fantasy (rip square bases). I’m adding to this with some goblin archers and mages.

Overall a very enjoyable game that can be picked up very cheaply. The rule book costs around £15 (make sure it’s the second edition) and minis cost as little or as much as you wish to pay. Well worth getting into due to its simple rule set and fun gameplay.