Crusade Campaign- The Storm Crows (Raven Guard)

In the fateful battle for Talusa IV, the Ghoststalkers, the Raven Guard’s 3rd Company were almost broken by the Daemon Prince Kernax Voldorius and his forces of chaos. Few survived, and even fewer returned to tell a tale of horror and despair. Amongst them was the Ghoststalkers Shadow Captain, Vordin Krayn. Either from fear or cowardice, knowing the fate of those who fail in battle, he chose to place the blame for the defeat on his second in command, the young Lieutenant Aajz Solari. While this was far from true, Aajz and his battalion the Storm Crows, had in fact stood firm, holding back the inevitable tide, ensuring that retreat had not turned into a rout, no one could gain say Vordin’s account and Aajz doom was sealed.
So it was that Aajz was court martialled, and in accordance with the dictates of the Codex Astartes, sentenced to death for cowardice in the face of the enemy. His battalion would suffer little better, sentenced to ‘decimation’ as an example to the other battle companies. Such a terrible fate had only been inflicted upon an Adeptus Astartes Chapter but a few times in recorded history.

Unwilling to allow his brave and loyal Talon to face such an unjust fate, and in the hope that he could in time find a path to redemption for his battalion, Aajz fled the Raven Spire and Deliverance, with his close friend and mentor, Tech Marine and Master of the Raven Guard Forge, Korpheus. With Korpheus’s aid, they stole a Raven Guard Light Cruiser, Second Shadow, and cloaked in its Reflex Shield, the entire battalion vanished into the void.
The cost of Horus’ treachery at Istvaan IV still an open wound after millennia, the loss of an entire battalion, not least their Forge Master, was grievous indeed for the Raven Guard, who are slow to refill their ranks due to the care they must take to recruit as their gene-seed is far from stable. But none knew where Aajz and his Talon had gone, and too few could be spared to scour the vast and treacherous void to find them…

Aajz, Korpheus and their loyal Talon slipped through the screens of the Imperium, the Second Shadow crossing Segmentum Solar, to the very edge of the Great Rift and there they found sanctuary at last.
Millennia ago, Tech Priests of Adeptus Mechanicus found a strange ice moon orbiting a dead planet on the edge of what was then known space. The moon was unique, it exhibited massive tectonic activity, resulting from intense heat generated under its ice sheets, and yet had a core of solid rock and minerals. Its secret was the forces exerted upon its core resulting from a highly unusual orbit. Realising the potential for such a source of massive and sustainable energy, the Tech Priests built a Forge and Manufactorium in the moons stable core, accessible only through a surface base on one of the more stable ice sheets.

Korpheus, set to work rebuilding the base, its habs, hydroponics and workshops, reactivating its defence grid, and turning it into a strong redoubt, from which the Storm Crows could defend themselves and sally forth at need to continue the fight. Ever a reader of ancient histories, Korpheus named the ice moon, ‘Enceladus’, after the giant of old who fought the Gods and was buried alive underneath a mountain. It was a fitting name, for most of Enceladus’s surface was highly unstable, constantly shaken by huge quakes like the stirring of a giant, the quakes venting ice and rock in great clouds into space. Such violent activity, filling the surrounding void with ice crystals and silica also provided the perfect screen, rendering the Storm Crows new home undetectable to all but the strongest sensors.

Explorator Delphan Gruss actuated his auxiliary lights and gazed upwards, the powerful beams dancing off mighty columns, black as obsidian, before being swallowed by the cold, dry darkness far above.

Those who had built these vast halls and towering engines of unfathomable complexity were long gone, rank after rank of their machines standing sentinel in alcoves beyond count; other than the scuff of his boot in the dust of millennia, all was deathly silent.
“Send a message at once to the Arch Magus. It must be delivered at all costs. Tell him just this:
We have found it….
Go, now!”
As the servitor departed, Delphan stared pensively into the darkness; no, not quite darkness he reflected, there was light here, barely perceptible even with his augmented vision, but it was there, a brooding, pulsing luminescence, a pallid green glow emanating from the columns. There may not have been life here, but there was energy, power still, great power that could change everything, Delphan mused.
He was troubled though, Veridian VII was far into the Obscurus Segmentum, navigating the immaterium from here, even in short jumps with his most gifted psyker at the helm, was a perilous and lengthy undertaking, it would be long before that message arrived, if indeed it did at all, and even longer before help would come…

Aajz and his Talon rapidly made their presence felt in the segmentum, often swooping down on unsuspecting foes, appearing as if from nowhere to liberate besieged colonies, only to vanish as swiftly and inexplicably as they had come, such is the Raven Guard way. But no amount of victories in the Emperors name could set aside the disgrace they carried with them into every battle, nor quench the rage against the injustice that was inflicted upon them by their former Shadow Captain. That would take events beyond the reckoning of even Balsar Kurthuri himself. Three years into their exile, a single event set wheels in motion that would change their destiny irrevocably, and determine the fate of all sentient races across the universe…

Kayvaan Shrike, famed Master of Shadows, and by a twist of fate, former Shadow Captain of the Raven Guard’s 3rd Company, bore witness to Aajz’s punishment and while he knew not the truth behind Vordin’s lies at the time, he had taken a keen interest in the career of the young Lieutenant, knew there was more to the story and foresaw that he would play a part yet in the fate of his Chapter. It was Kayvaan then, knowing the strength of their friendship, who asked Korpheus to help Aajz escape Deliverance, to guide him and to keep a watch on him and his faithful Talon, lest they be needed.

The first thing the Storm Crows sentries new of his arrival, was when Kayvaan Shrike’s venerable Sokor Pattern Storm Bird, The Hood uncloaked above Moon Base Enceladus, landing thrusters roaring, and slammed onto the main landing pad, venting steam and blinding their sensors behind a cloud of ice.

A Storm Bird – fully void-capable orbital drop ship, assault lander, ground attack gunship and bomber, one-time bulwark of the Adeptus Astartes fleet, had not darkened the skies above a war zone since the Horus Heresy; for the Raven Guard to awaken such a leviathan from its slumber in the depths of the Armouries, need must have been great indeed.
It would have gone ill for both sides, had not Korpheus stayed the hand of the Storm Crows gunners, curious to see who and what the arrival of such a ship might portend. As he descended the ramp, all recognised the tall, lean figure of their Shadow Master, but Kayvaan had not come alone, he was flanked by his personal guard, hand picked veterans all.
Kayvaan would not speak of his mission to any but Aajz and Korpheus, and they were long in conference, but when they came down, there was new light in Aajz’s eyes, a threat and an opportunity beyond imagining had arisen from the depths of time and space, a chance at redemption for him and his loyal Talon, and perhaps for all mankind. The Emperor himself had need of a small force to investigate a lost world, but with all speed and in utmost secrecy. What better chapter to take on such a task than the enigmatic Raven Guard, and what better force than one that doesn’t exist…
They made their plans in secret. The Storm Crows entire battalion, including its full complement of men, land speeders, warsuits and dreadnoughts would easily be accommodated in the Hood’s vast holds. Accompanied by Kayvaan and his guard, for he deemed the matter of sufficient import that he would come in person, they would make all speed to Veridian VII, and insert a small strike force to investigate, safe in the knowledge that they had the backing of a full Talon in orbit should they encounter resistance from any quarter…

Prepare for the new Warhammer 40k Crusade Campaign coming soon to Dice & Bolter. More stories to followthe full collection can be found under the #tag 40k Crusade Campaign.

Small Room Night was Far From Small

Our monthly small room night too place this evening (18/11/21) and we were rammed. Every corner was full of so many different games. 40K Kill Team was in full swing with marines, nids, chaos and orks all battling for victory.

A wonderful looking game of Carnaval was also taking place with some stunning scenery depicting falling buildings and canals. Tempted me in that’s for sure with dangerous mists seeping through the streets.

Finally a board game joined the session in the form of Terraforming Mars. A resource management board game set on, surprise, Mars.

All in all a jam packed night of dice rolling which was so awesome to see.

Crusade Campaign Blackstone #2

CHAPTER 1: The Left Hand of Darkness

Planet: ‘Veridian VII’
Sector: Segmentum Obscurus

Gruss stared pensively up at the sparse white clouds scudding across the azure blue sky, carried on the swift sub-tropical winds from the planet’s equator far from where he now stood.
The first alert had sounded early yesterday. Of course, he couldn’t see them from the planet’s surface, couldn’t possibly glimpse them hanging silently in the void above, nor discern their intentions for that matter, but he knew they were there, and so he looked upward nonetheless.
Sighing, he returned his gaze to the grassy plain where his men had set up camp; the sensors didn’t lie, they had company, lots of it…

Turning to Transmech Inarius, Gruss asked:
[Gruss]: “So what do we have up there?”
[Inarius]: “Sir, we have detected multiple unidentified power signatures in orbit around Veridian VII”
[Gruss]: “Any friendlies?”
[Inarius]: “Hard to say sir, there are at least two that fit Imperium power bands, but one is cloaked, barely detectable; but for our superior sensors we wouldn’t know it was there at all.”
[Gruss]: “Hmm, reflex shields then, Gruss mussed, only our Raven Guard brothers use such technology, perhaps there is still hope…. and the other?”
[Inarius]: “It’s Imperium, certainly; not cloaked, but it’s odd, there’s no transponder signal, it’s running dark and won’t respond to our hails.”
Gruss frowned at that, caution was understandable, turning off a transponder relatively common in such circumstances, but why would an Imperial ship not respond to their encrypted hails?

[Gruss]: “What about the others?”
[Inarius]: “Sir, in the last 24 hours we have detected at least 5 other unidentified power signatures enter the Sector. They are all now in the planets Exosphere in stable orbit, Sir.
[Gruss]: “Any clues to their origin?”
[Inarius]: “They’re all Xenos Sir, at least one we believe to be Aeldari, that entered by a previously unknown warp gate on the far side of the dwarf moon, another is definitely Tau, not surprising, they have been pushing into this sector for some time. Neither are masking their signatures at least, but the others are, are as yet unknown sir…”
Gruss was silent for some time, still staring apprehensively into the blue sky, Veridian VII’s two sun’s shining brightly. All was peaceful, a former Imperium pioneer colony world, long abandoned in its remoteness and fear of chaos, its few settlements lay in crumbling ruins, but for the most part it’s land masses and oceans and the myriad wildlife they supported lay untouched, almost pristine.
Gruss wondered if its former residents had realised what lay beneath their feet if they would have fled all the sooner.

That peace would not last long now. The ships in orbit, friendly or hostile, had thus far not engaged each other and likely wouldn’t until they knew more. For now, content to occupy themselves scanning the surface, Gruss knew they would soon conclude that their strategy wouldn’t work and start deploying ground forces. Once that happened…
[Gruss]: “We’ve done all we can here Tilvius. After the initial surge, power levels have stabilised in the facility, indeed it appears to have activated its own dampening field, covering the entire complex as far as we can see, clearly an ancient defence mechanism. So, we can at least rest assured that if anyone seeks for it, they must needs find it as we did, the hard way, through searching; their sensors will be useless. That buys us some time.”
[Tilvius}: “What now Sir?”
What now indeed, thought Gruss, the situation was rapidly escalating.
[Gruss]: “We need to get back to the lander. For better or worse we have no way off this planet, and while the facility is concealed, the lander will be easily detectable and it holds all the data we have collected so far, we must secure it before others do.”
[Tilvius]: “But Sir, it’s two days march from here!”
[Gruss]: “I am well aware of that Tilvius, and I suspect we are already in a race to get there, so we must go, now! Inarius, keep hailing the friendlies on the secure channel, we’re going to need all the help we can get soon enough.”
Looking back at the entrance to the facility, cloaked in blackness, Secutor Varnak was finishing up his work:
[Gruss]: “Are all the sensors and charges in place Varnak?”
[Varnak]: “Yes Sir, if anyone does find this place, we’ll know about it and they will have a warm reception!”
[Gruss]: “Good work Varnak, let’s move out.”

As his small team mustered their equipment and readied to move out, as if in response to his dire warnings, a contrail was visible, entering the Stratosphere, streaking down to the planet’s surface. Whether it was friend or foe it wasn’t clear. Thankfully it was plotting a course for one of the planets other sub-continents, but others would follow, and soon; the race was on, and when the future of the galaxy was at stake, conflict was inevitable…

Written by Matt Brazier. Prepare for the new Warhammer 40k Crusade Campaign coming soon to Dice & Bolter. More stories to follow, the full collection can be found under the #tag 40k Crusade Campaign.

Crusade Campaign Blackstone #1


Explorator Flagship: ‘Quest for Knowledge’
Sector: Segmentum Pacificus
System: Terra Prime
Record: Meeting – Subject: [Redacted], Present: Arch Magus (Belisarius Cawl), Logis (Paladius), Explorator (Gruss)

[Cawl] – “I trust you both understand why I have called you here and what is at stake?”
The Arch Magus pressed on before either of his guests could respond.
“You well know the ancient law, taken at great pains from the Black Library. The Necrontyr were ever a fated race, but at the height of their power, unrivalled across the galaxy, they mastered many high arts, not least among them, the ability to manipulate ‘Noctilith’, or in the common speech, Blackstone.”
While this was more of a statement than a question, ever keen to curry favour, Logis Paladius was quick to respond.

Space Hulk

[Paladius] – “Indeed I do Arch Magus, a most fascinating substance, our Explorator fleets continue to scour the galaxy, segmentum by segmentum, planet by planet to locate all known Blackstone sources and Xenos structures.”
[Cawl] – “Yes, yes Paladius, I am well aware of your ongoing endeavours, and while commendable and critical to our cause, do you truly understand it’s potential?”
Explorator Gruss, who had maintained his silence up till now, sat forward in his chair.
[Gruss] – “You know well that we do Belisarius, but I will play your game for now.
Although rare, we have found Blackstone columns in high concentrations on certain worlds, particularly those planets associated with the Necrontyr. It seems to possess the ability, under certain conditions, to nullify the psychic energies emanating from the immaterium, in effect creating an impenetrable barrier to the forces of chaos.”
[Paladius] – “I would agree, my Adepts have concluded that this was the purpose of the network of Blackstone columns the Necrontyr constructed across their former realm. There is no doubt now that they created this immense system after the War in Heaven to protect their Tomb Worlds from harm and decay over the millennia; a truly staggering achievement.”
Gruss stood and paced across the room, shaking his head.
[Gruss] – “Needless to say after Cadia, we also happen to know that in the wrong hands, it can be a fell weapon, equally capable of containing those energies and unleashing them with devastating force.”
[Cawl] – “Indeed Paladius, you are correct, and despite Explorator Gruss’s misgivings, its potential remains well… almost incalculable. Should we be able to rebuild and reactivate the network, we could close the great rift; without wishing to overstate things, we could restore balance to the entire galaxy, save mankind and indeed all sentient life as we know it. The Emperor would be….. grateful”.
Gruss frowned, this line of discussion was not new; he was tired, it had been a long journey and he was keen to understand where the Arch Magus was going with it, Cawl was not one prone to idle chatter…
Somewhat more testily than he had planned:
[Gruss] – “Fascinating as this discussion is, are we all not forgetting something here? Last I knew, neither we, nor in point of fact (as far as our intelligence tells us), the Necrons that have thus far awakened possess the knowledge necessary to rebuild and activate such a network! While I don’t deny its potential, we are no further forward in realising that than we were. I applaud Paladius’s dedication, he has identified more ancient column sites than we could have believed possible, but to what end, it’s a futile task…!”
The Arch Magus leant forward, smiling.

The Necrons prepare

[Cawl] – “Thank you Gruss, you can always be relied upon to cut straight to the heart of an issue. You are of course correct, or rather almost correct. It is true that we still lack the knowledge required to make use of these artefacts, but ‘futile’ Paladius’s efforts have not been.”
[Paladius] – “Thank you Arch Magus, I am relieved to see that at least someone appreciates the gargantuan effort my Adepts have gone to mapping the Xenos network. In point of fact we now think we have mapped what was once its full extent, and it is, or was, vast indeed; more remains intact than you might think.”
Gruss was losing patience with this game now.
[Gruss] – “I don’t wish to be rude Arch Magus….”
[Cawl] – “But you are going to be anyway my dear Delphan.” said Cowl, now outwardly amused by Gruss’s apparent exasperation.
[Gruss] – Sighing – “There is clearly a point you are attempting to get to, so please get to it, I have a ship to reprovision and a crew to look after.”
[Cawl] – “Very well, I will start with a question though. Paladius, ‘what is a network’?”
[Paladius] – “Erm, well Arch Magus, a network is, is a series of interconnected objects, that work together as a system.”
[Cawl] – “Indeed, and how does a system function?”
[Paladius] – “A, a system well, it erm, functions through a control mechanism.”
[Cawl] – “Yes Paladius, and where there is control, it must emanate from somewhere, yes?”
Gruss turned, suddenly grasping Cawl’s line of reasoning, clearly before Paladius.
[Gruss] – “Wait, you think there was a hub that controlled the entire network? That makes sense, yes, but we’re still little further along, we don’t know where it is, or do we…?”
Cawl was now beaming smugly

[Cawl] – “Yes, and no Delphan, or rather, ‘no and yes’ to be precise. No, we have not yet located the hub, although we are certain that it exists, a network of such size could not function otherwise; but yes, we do know how to find it!”
[Paladius] – “But how, we have scoured every planet that we have located Blackstone, none showed any sign of such a place?”
[Cawl] – “Ah, but you have located it, or rather your mapping has, helped by a degree of logic. Think Paladius, where would you place a control mechanism in your network?”
Gruss was already there, thoughts moving so rapidly at the implications he could barely speak.
[Gruss] – “At its centre, of course, you would place it at the centre of the network… and, and if we were to map enough data points, we could extrapolate and calculate where that was!”
Belisarius Cawl sat back, fingers pressed together, pausing to gauge the effect this revelation had on his audience.
[Cawl] – “Well done Gruss, you do understand…..”

Plans must be made


Explorator Delphan Gruss actuated his auxiliary lights and gazed upwards, the powerful beams dancing off mighty columns, black as obsidian, before being swallowed by the cold, dry darkness far above. Those who had built these vast halls and towering engines of unfathomable complexity were long gone, rank after rank of their machines standing sentinel in alcoves beyond count; other than the scuff of his boot in the dust of millennia, all was deathly silent.

“Send a message at once to the Arch Magus. It must be delivered at all costs. Tell him just this:

We have found it….

Go, now!”

Tech Priests prepare

As the servitor departed, Delphan stared pensively into the darkness; no, not quite darkness he reflected, there was light here, barely perceptible even with his augmented vision, but it was there, a brooding, pulsing luminescence, a pallid green glow emanating from the columns. There may not have been life here, but there was energy, power still, great power that could change everything, Delphan mused.

He was troubled though, Veridian VII was far into the Obscurus Segmentum, navigating the immaterium from here, even in short jumps with his most gifted psyker at the helm, was a perilous and lengthy undertaking, it would be long before that message arrived, if indeed it did at all, and even longer before help would come…

Sighing, Delphan shook off his doubts and fears and strode purposefully forward to where his small group of Adepts stood, some huddled in conference, others simply standing staring in awe at their surroundings. “By the Emperor, come on you lot, snap to it, we have much to do!”


The underground complex, for that is what it had proved to be, was vast, alien and old, very old indeed. Explorator Delphan Gruss and his small team had spent the last 48 hours mapping its complex tunnels, chambers and vaults, many lined with curious machines and workings of unknown purpose, carefully documenting all that they found. There remained much to explore, but he had now confirmed his initial suspicions regarding its purpose and function beyond any doubt, the potential of which was still hard to fully grasp. He would not share that knowledge with his team yet, in time, but for now they knew it was Necrontyr in origin, it was by no means the first such structure they had encountered, and that was enough, any more would only serve to worry them.

Their sensors had shown no rad levels that would indicate a living Necron presence, and despite its eerily alien nature, and a curious sense of foreboding, a persistent pressure at the back of his mind that he couldn’t place, Delphan and his small team had thus far encountered nothing untoward…

They now stood gazing through a doorway, at what they estimated to be the epicentre of the complex, a room, although its scale belied the description, circular in shape, with numerous entrances evenly spaced around its circumference. Arrayed around its centre were what appeared to be consoles, although what they controlled none save Delphan could guess. So lost in his thoughts was he, that the Explorator failed to notice his young Adept step forward curiously.

“No, do not enter the chamber…!” Delphan shouted, hands raised in warning, but he was far too late. Tech Adept Tilvius stepped across the threshold into the vast space beyond. Tilvius froze, turning slowly, apprehension written across his face, his breath misting in the cold, dry air as he looked wide eyed at his master. Seconds went by, ears straining for the slightest sound, nothing stirred…

Delphan’s shoulders relaxed, he let out a long breath he hadn’t realised he was holding and reached for his augury scanner. Nothing, no change – he swiped through its fields, motion, heat, radiation, light, gases, all checked out. He looked up, Tilvius hadn’t moved, no one had. “Okay, let’s all….”

The Necrons roll out

…a deep humming, more felt than heard, began, slowly at first, dust rising across the smooth floors, as the very chamber resonated with sound, rising in cadence it became a deafening roar. The very air vibrated, time seemed to stutter, and the darkness was suddenly banished, as blinding, lurid green light filled the chamber, washing over every surface, lines of power coursing through deep channels within the floors and walls, illuminating arcane script that writhed around the pillars, consoles blinking into life.

Delphan fell to his knees, all around him adepts and servitors were writhing in pain, clutching their heads, vainly trying to shut out the raging noise and searing light, their augmented sensors, overwhelmed by its sheer power, betraying them. Consciousness slipping away, Delphan tried to focus, remember his training, anything to stave off the blackness.

And then, as fast it is came, it was gone.

Silence returned, but for the groaning of his team around him, all was quiet. Gruss pushed himself upright, tentatively opening his eyes, he scanned the room. The darkness had been replaced by a dull green twilight, revealing the true scale of the place, dust motes filled the air, settling on every surface, screens formerly lifeless and dull flickered as script raced across them.

His team were all there, including Tilvius, dazed but all thankfully recovering. As he placed his palm on the stone floor, he rapidly withdrew it in shock, beneath the silence there was a new sensation, the floor, previously ice cold, was now warm to the touch, and he could feel a vibration, from deep beneath his feet. Something had awakened.  

Shaking his head and standing, Delphan walked across the chamber. Tilvius saw him coming, his apprehension plain to see. “What happened, I only stepped into the chamber beyond?” Delphan sighed, “If I am right, this is no simple chamber, as I guessed moments before you entered, this is, or was, the main control room for this, this… ‘facility’.”

“But, we’ve been exploring for days, what triggered that huge energy surge now?” Delphan pondered.… “I do not know my friend, I do not know, we understand so little still. If I was to guess, given the evidence of decay we have witnessed elsewhere, and the condition of this chamber, which looks untouched by the sands of time, that you passed through a kind of stasis field. In so doing you must have activated some sentinel system that has waited for millennia for its masters to return. What it will do now, for good or ill, we will see”.

Suddenly, his blood ran cold, the true implications of what his Adept had just said seeping into his still confused mind. Turning urgently to Tilvius, who though younger, was himself still recovering, Delphan said “Power surge, power surge, how wide spread was it, quickly now, check your sensors!”. Tilvius turned to his servitor, communicating silently through his neural link with the half-man, half-machine. “It was massive Explorator, the surge was massive, encompassing the entire complex, it, it was off the scale, our sensors were overloaded.”

“Emperor protect us” Delphan exclaimed, “No one could have missed that power surge, it would have been detectable right across the Sector, right across the Segmentum, perhaps even beyond. We have lit a beacon none can ignore, and the Omnissiah knows who, or what will respond. We must prepare…”

The Necron threat

Written by Matt Brazier. Prepare for the new Warhammer 40k Crusade Campaign coming soon to Dice & Bolter. More stories to follow, the full collection can be found under the #tag 40k Crusade Campaign.

Club Night 11th November 2021

What a busy night last night was. It was so awesome to see with Warhammer 40K taking centre stage.

There were also games of Blood Bowl, Badgers and Burrows and Malifaux along side the futuristic battles.

Busy busy busy

We obviously hoped we would get this busy when we started however it happened quicker than we could imagine. We are going to get permission to use the smaller room as and when required so we can expand when it’s busy.

The plan would be to use downstairs for the smaller systems and upstairs for the bigger games such as 40K or AOS if we needed too.

Thank you all once again for getting involved and helping us build this club. We’ve got some treats to show this expansion coming very soon to the club…. 😊

Update: we can hire downstairs as and when required which is a big win 😊

Newbie Nicole’s RPG Adventures in the Dungeons #1

So at the er grand age of 43 I took the plunge into DND, now I’m a total newbie in this, I tried Age of Sigmar, my god too much strategy for my poor brain!! Then I was introduced to Warhammer Roleplay, wow that was a moment let me just do this *chefs kiss perfection, I have so much fun playing that with my friends so when a new to Dungeons and Dragons session started up my little hand was straight up to join.

The party fights their first fight

I am so pleased I did, I’ve always loved fantasy stuff, from reading let’s be honest I started at David Eddings, I’m a devotee of Terry Pratchett and I actively encourage everyone to read Discworld and the under appreciated Hawke and Fisher series by Simon R Green, among many many others, to playing Dragon Age so much I practically know all the dialogue for all 3 games! So DnD was a natural progression.

My youngest son is very much into DnD and was the obvious person to go to to develop a character, so I went Tiefling I mean who doesn’t want to be a demon with horns and a tail!!??? Exactly! So that was sorted, (I made puppy eyes at Ian until he brought me a model).

Then session zero started which involved a lot of stats and sorting out things, like what colour hair will I have and oh yes I’m going to fire bolt the bejesus out of enemies. It was nice sorting all this out with other people who were newbies too and the group (I will chefs kiss again here) perfect!

We have another tiefling (yay sisters!!) a half elf ranger, who after the last game managed with the highest dexterity stats, to fall off a rope! A cleric who spends most of his time curing us, or toiling a bell of death on rats! They go pop! And a dragon born who makes pate out of most things! The team is great, I still have no idea which dice I’m throwing sometimes, but that’s ok. The team is set.

I will chronicle my adventures regularly as we delve deeper and deeper into the world.


The Ninth World

They say there have been eight worlds before ours. Eight times the people of this Earth, over vast millennia, built their civilizations, reaching heights we cannot even fully imagine now. They spoke to the stars, reshaped the creatures of the world, and mastered form and essence. They built cities and machines that have since crumbled to dust, leaving only their barest remnants.

This is the Ninth World. The people of the prior worlds are gone—scattered, disappeared, or transcended. But their works remain, in the places and devices that still contain some germ of their original function. The ignorant call these magic, but the wise know that these are our legacy. They are our future. They are the Numenera.

The people of the Ninth World suffer through a dark age, an era of isolation and struggle in the shadow of the ancient wonders crafted by civilizations millennia gone. But discovery awaits for those brave enough to seek out the works of the prior worlds. Those who can uncover and master the numenera can unlock the powers and abilities of the ancients, and perhaps bring new light to a struggling world.

Coming in 2022 to Dice & Bolter.

Club Update – October 2021

Well what an amazing couple of months it’s been. We’ve not been going for long but we’ve been surprised and amazed by the support the club members have provided. We are always excited when a new member wants to join our Facebook group or when a new person comes along on a Thursday. Thank you so much to everyone involved so far.

I thought I’d pop up a few points worth noting for you all:

First of all we have upgraded the website so that it won’t have any adverts and it now has a proper domain name. is now live which will make it easier to find online as well as to pass on to others verbally.

There has been a huge order of dice put in with the D&B logo on it. Thanks to everyone who has grabbed some of them. We will do further orders down the line so if you missed out fear not.

D&B dice

October has seen two Dungeon and Dragons campaigns kick off. Mike is running both of these with a newbie group and an advanced group playing two different campaigns. More on this as they advance through their adventures.

The beginner D&D group on their setup evening

Finally you will see Element Games banners on the website. If you intend to order from them please click through the banner. The club will get a kickback on any sales made through this link.

Click to support the club

Thank you for reading and rolling dice. We have some more great news to tell you all but you will have to wait a few more weeks…. 🤫

Kill Team 2021

Kill Team has had an interesting ride over the life of 40K with a few editions, the 1st edition as we know it being released in 2018and a version also being released in the 2016 as a board game. The 2018 version pulled many in with a superb starter set pitting Genestealer Cults against Adeptus Mechanicus along with some awesome terrain.

Kill Team 2018

The game was fun if not a bit simple with wound rules that were quite annoying meaning actually killing an operative came down to what felt like luck more than tactics (even though realistically that’s what most of these games come down to when they relay on dice). It also become bloated with expansions that added elite warriors and commanders, changing the game size and making it so that everyone had to buy the updates to join in. Eventually after a trying to make it competitive and adding extra sets it faded.

Then the new Kill Team was announced. ‘I would not get into this’ I said to myself knowing all too well that if they boxed up some funky terrain at a reasonable price I’d jump in feet first. Then they threw the line in and I gobbled it up quickly as they showed the new Ork Kommando models. My god they are some stunning pieces of 40K plastic.

The boyz are back in town!

So along came the box (ok boxes) as I so wanted the amazing terrain and a set of orks and I was not disappointed with the package as a whole. I now happily have enough terrain between 3 Kill Team sets to set out a full size 40K table and all the rules and counters I need to enjoy the new Kill Team. So I dived into the rules and…. What?

Yeah when you fists read the rules, which are so different from 40K, it kind of sends your brain into a mess. So alternating goes.. fine nice and easy. Models have so many activations…. Yup sorted. Models can’t be hit when stood a triangle away from terrain. A triangle? Yeah so we’ve all got over this now but it was odd, and still is in some ways but it works. It just takes a little time to get used to not using inches.

Squares and circles?

I’ve only played a few games of Kill Team so far but I can say it feels very refreshing. You can feel like your owning the game only to be beaten flat out as you charge your leader into combat with a power klaw. You really have to think so you want your models hidden (I won’t go into all the rules but you can hide or have your models stand ready) so they can’t be shot or do you want them shooting or charging but left in threat? Do you want to charge or focus on grabbing an objective? It’s all very tactical and a lot of fun and a huge improvement over its predecessor.

If anyone fancies a game then there will be someone who can teach you the rules. Any 40K army has a list for it, with each army getting their own specific kill teams slowly but surely. Who’s up for it?