Covid Update 17/12/2021

Following notification today that a member of the club who attended last nights session has tested positive for Covid, the Committee advises that all members who attended last nights session should follow the latest Government guidance (link below), carry out Lateral Flow Tests for the next 7 days, and take appropriate action if anyone testsContinue reading “Covid Update 17/12/2021”

The Life of a Slayer

For the past, well who knows how long it’s been thanks to covid, a group of us have been playing Warhammer Fantasy RPG monthly on a Sunday evening. The game is certainly very different than D&D, living a more basic life with little to no magic and death can be moments away. My character isContinue reading “The Life of a Slayer”

Covid Club Update December 2021

We have been keeping track of the latest Government Covid rules and as of next Thursday, until further notice we will all need to wear face coverings whilst at the Levens Hall Venue (further info via the Gov link). It also means that we will delay our Christmas Party so please don’t bring food asContinue reading “Covid Club Update December 2021”

It’s Like Christmas 🎄

Thanks to everyone that’s supported the club so far, we’ve managed to buy a load of scenery and gaming mats. We got our first load yesterday however there is more on the way. The night was another smashing night of gaming with most focus being 40K and Kill Team. There was however a couple ofContinue reading “It’s Like Christmas 🎄”

Newbie Nicole’s RPG Adventures in the Dungeons #2- Battle of the Boiler

With brand new dice and a sort of understanding of what I need to roll, we finally entered the sunless citadel, after managing not (by sheer fluke) to step on the false bottom of the floor, was our luck in the group high? Will we breeze through fighting things blind folded, one handed and win?Continue reading “Newbie Nicole’s RPG Adventures in the Dungeons #2- Battle of the Boiler”

Small Room Night was Far From Small

Our monthly small room night too place this evening (18/11/21) and we were rammed. Every corner was full of so many different games. 40K Kill Team was in full swing with marines, nids, chaos and orks all battling for victory. A wonderful looking game of Carnaval was also taking place with some stunning scenery depictingContinue reading “Small Room Night was Far From Small”

Crusade Campaign Blackstone #2

CHAPTER 1: The Left Hand of Darkness Planet: ‘Veridian VII’Sector: Segmentum ObscurusDate: Gruss stared pensively up at the sparse white clouds scudding across the azure blue sky, carried on the swift sub-tropical winds from the planet’s equator far from where he now stood.The first alert had sounded early yesterday. Of course, he couldn’t seeContinue reading “Crusade Campaign Blackstone #2”

Crusade Campaign Blackstone #1

AN ECHO OF WHAT WAS LOST Explorator Flagship: ‘Quest for Knowledge’Sector: Segmentum PacificusSystem: Terra PrimeDate: Meeting – Subject: [Redacted], Present: Arch Magus (Belisarius Cawl), Logis (Paladius), Explorator (Gruss) [Cawl] – “I trust you both understand why I have called you here and what is at stake?”The Arch Magus pressed on before either of hisContinue reading “Crusade Campaign Blackstone #1”